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Brick Bathroom Update

A few months ago, a rep from Milton and King Wallpapers reached out to me about sending some of their product my way to try out. I had just been telling my husband about all of the updates that I wanted to do to our master bathroom and saw this faux brick wallpaper that I thought would be PERFECT for a little nook in our bathroom. I love our house, it has great space and an excellent floor plan but the one thing it lacks is character, so little by little, that is just what I’ve done: added character here and there to make our house feel like a home.

In my dreams, we’d be able to rip out the standard, builder’s grade tub and add a claw foot tub with a little chandelier over it but my husband says that is for another time, and another house. We’ve done some sprucing to the room (added new floors…still would love to paint, change out our countertop, and put two mirrors up instead of the standard one) but because I have to live with the footprints of the bathroom as it is, I wanted to add something to this wall above our tub (and behind our shower) that would’ve otherwise been left untouched. This wallpaper was the perfect touch to make the space more unique and I am truly in shock of how it easy it was to apply. SO easy, in fact, that I sort of/kind of/absolutely did it twice because I didn’t match up the seams correctly the first time so although it looked great, there was a seam going up the center of the space so I enlisted my handy man and we tackled taking it down, and then reapplying it. Y’all, I am telling you it is so easy. I’ve had quite a few of you who follow me on IG reach out to me and ask more specific questions so I thought I’d give a little breakdown on how to do this yourself. I will say both my husband and I have experience with other brands of wallpaper and I think the thickness and quality of this product (check out @mkwallpapers on Instagram, you won’t be disappointed!) makes it so feasible to apply.

Step 1: Clean your surface, fill in any holes and make sure it is smooth and even.

Step 2: Using a wallpaper adhesive (found at Home Depot or Lowe’s) and a roller sponge, roll the adhesive onto the wall where your first panel will go.

Step 3: Take the top of the wallpaper and apply directly to the wall, smoothing out the edges (I used a smooth edge that I found in the paint section at Home Depot) and making sure that you are lined up evenly with the edge of the wall.

Step 4: Once you’ve gotten to the very bottom and your paper is smooth on the wall, use a box cutter and a straight edge to cut a straight line.

Step  5: Repeat process until you run out of wall, ENSURING that your pattern is repeating perfectly so there are no seams.

….and WALA! Let it dry for a few hours and then hang shelves (like I did) or some simple wall art. I love the idea of having the wallpaper as a backdrop and then doing something like four, white matted frames with simple prints framed inside….I can just picture it now! Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, let me know if you have any questions at all!



  • Ilona - Looks so great! Where are those towels from? :) Have a ggggreat weekend!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah K - This is the cutest accent wall EVER! Thank you for all the step, by step.. I have never used wallpaper in my life and want to try badly.ReplyCancel

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