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Super Simple Makeup Tutorial

Sharing my super simple makeup tutorial with you! So many people ask me how I get myself ready every day and my answer is a) it’sView full post »

Effortless Wave Tutorial

To say it has been a HOT minute since I actually blogged would be an understatement but I’ve decided it’s about time to make my comeback!View full post »

Hello Beauty

I live in the ‘burbs. Like, the real burbs where you have to drive to go anywhere and the trendiest thing we have is a new HEB set toView full post »

Makeup Organization

Most of you know that I am full time bridal hairstylist and work for a hair and airbrush makeup company in Houston called Sunkissed andView full post »

Pretty in Pink

Y’all, I am a fall/winter girl to the core. I love the deep, earthy tones and the layering and the fall leaves hitting the ground butView full post »

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Beauty by Lovely

When I recently revamped the look of my blog (thanks to the fabulous skills of Katie Lamb over at Willow & Mei), I realized that I hadView full post »

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Valentine’s Charmings

In the spirit of Valentine’s, I thought I’d put together essentials for the perfect night. A little Bauble Bar bling, myView full post »

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The way to my heart

As the love-filled {hallmark} holiday of Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I couldn’t help but think of my ideal night withView full post »

Funky Fresh Look

As you can {hopefully} tell from most of my pictures, in both home and beauty, I typically go for a more natural, neutral look. I like aView full post »

Fall Twist on Braid Tutorial

A few posts back, I did a tutorial of a “Romantic Messy Braid” and I had a lot of people try it out and tell me how much theyView full post »

Sunkissed Life

If you’ve followed me on Instagram, Pinterest, or just here at the blog, you’ve probably wondered something along the lines ofView full post »

Kelley Baker Brow Tutorial

Do you fill in your brows? If your answer is “no”, you don’t know what you are missing. Not only are they a major trendView full post »