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Kelley Baker Brow Tutorial

Do you fill in your brows? If your answer is “no”, you don’t know what you are missing. Not only are they a major trend these days (think Kardashian/Jenner sisters), they are absolutely necessary in any make up look. While in California, I was able to attend a master class from Kelley Baker, a brow master/specialist/wizard based in Venice, California. She had some great tips and tricks to get your brows in tip top shape so I thought I would do a tutorial on all that I learned. Enjoy!

First comes first: products. I’m using all Kelley Baker Brow products for this tutorial. Below, you will find two different colors of Brow Powder (blonde and brown), Brow Gel, an Angle Spooley Brush, Tweezers, a Magic Stick, and a Perfect Highlighter Brush.



1. Start with a naked brow, nothing on it. You can use the tweezers to tweeze any strays but be sure to not over-tweeze. Full brows are better!


2. Using the spooley end of the Angle Spooley Brush, brush the hair in an upwards motion, giving your brows their best bet at a full look.



3. Use the Magic Stick to draw an arched line underneath the brow.


4. Use the Perfect Highlighter Brush to blend the highlighted area up and out to give an outline for the brow.



5. Begin filling in the brow with Brow Powder (I’m using brown) and an Angle Spooley Brush by starting on the bottom line of the brow, on the inner corner.



6. Continue filling in the brow by following the natural arch on the top of the brow and extending out to the outer corner.


7. Use the Brow Gel and brush lightly in an upward motion to set the brows in place.


8. You are left with a fuller, but still natural appearing brow.



9. Add some eyeshadow and make sure you blend up into the highlighted area and you are done! Fuller, more beautiful brows have been created!

*Know that perfecting the art of filling in eyebrows takes some time and some getting used to but the more you practice, the better you will be.

(all products used are from the Kelley Baker Brow line and can be purchased HERE)

xoxo Candice







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