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Makeup Organization

Most of you know that I am full time bridal hairstylist and work for a hair and airbrush makeup company in Houston called Sunkissed and Made Up. When I started working for the lovely ladies at Sunkissed, I was fresh (and I mean, fresh!) out of college and still had the look of wearing no makeup + a ball cap and a pair of leggings over an extra large T shirt. I had hardly any makeup products and was quickly thrown into a world of beauty and glamour. I was not prepared people! I didn’t even know what filling in my brows was all about. Even though I had been to beauty school several years prior, I adopted the sorority girl college look throughout my four years at university. Over the past two and a half years, my makeup collection has increased tenfold and it was about time I made my makeup station in the bathroom a bit more organized and functional. Here are a few tips when organizing makeup:

1. Use clear plastic drawers: I think being able to see what all you have makes makeup buying and using more effective. You’re able to clearly see what you need more of and what doesn’t cut it for a round two purchase.

2. Keep your brushes upright: Use cups, or canisters where you can stand your brushes up to keep them from getting tattered. It’s also easy to see when its time to clean your brushes this way.

3. Shallow drawers are best: I used to have deep drawers for makeup to go in but they would end up looking like a junk drawer and I had no idea what I did or didn’t own. These shallow drawers help me stay organized.

4. Liven the space up: I love fresh flowers and the bathroom is one of my favorite places for them. Bathrooms usually have ample natural light, which is great for keeping your blooms fresh.


(plastic drawers and brush holders: TJ MAXX; most makeup: Sephora)



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