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New Year, New Style

Hi! So, clearly I took a little hiatus over the past month or so and I’m thinking since I did the exact same thing last year about this time, we’ll just chalk it up to tradition. December just gets you, you know?! It’s like, one second you’re dreaming of the holidays while pretending its cooler than 85 degrees outside with your pumpkin spice latte and a flannel shirt and the next SECOND you are ringing in the new year. Like, where do 31 entire days go?! Out the window for me. Between a busy work schedule, a few birthdays, and family get togethers for the Christmas season, I can’t stop and smell the roses even if I tried. SO, for future reference: in the month of December, I’m still alive and well {and posting it up on Instagram}, I’m just not blogging, kapish?…Kapish.

Now that it is now longer December and I have put away all of my cozy Christmas décor, lets start the new year fresh, shall we? I’m feeling inspired by black and white, monochromatic looks right now. Of course I’ve always loved my black and white stripes but its more than that, I only want to wear those colors and I only want to decorate with those colors (if they are even considered colors?).

I happen to be celebrating my 25th birthday today and was gifted some beautiful paper goods (how I love paper products so much I do not even know) as well as a few gift cards to Anthropologie that I cannot wait to use to spruce up my bathroom. Renovating our master bath is on the TOP of my to do list this year and I’m so excited to get on it and share our progress with you. But until then, I’ll share some eye candy of my favorite goodies right now. Birthday + Christmas treated me well my friends.

Stay kind, friends.



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