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New York City Insta-Recap



As I sit typing this blog post, my unpacked suitcase is making its home in our master bedroom, a sight I am only okay with because I will be trading out my NYC all black {plus a few blush accents!} attire for the bright patterns and colors of the beach for a trip to the Bahamas in just a few short days. I thought I’d do a little recap of my work [if you can call it that] trip to NYC last week and give you some travel tidbits if you are interested in making a trip to the Upper East Side anytime soon.

For starters, I must admit that the Big Apple has my heart. I went for the first time four years ago and have been back once a year ever since then. This time, it was for a trip with the company I work for, Sunkissed and Made Up, and our entire team attended a makeup and hair show and then stayed on for some photoshoots in the city. Being the largest city in the United States, I could share ten blog posts about the city and what to do and see so how about we just break them up into seasons? We’ll call this one springtime in NYC.

  1. Spring does not equal nice weather. At least my experience from this past week tells me that. It was in the mid 40s to mid 50s all. week. long. Of course I checked the weather beforehand but it was ten to fifteen degrees cooler than expected so tip #1 is to bring some staple winter items just in case.
  2. Even in the beautiful and vibrant colors of spring, NYC people seem to be stuck in the mindset that black is always in style SO if you want to ditch the fanny pack and tennis shoe look of a tourist, opt for all black and you will be good to go.
  3. SOHO: quickly becoming one of my favorite areas of NYC. We’ve become so acquainted with one another, I can basically operate my way around without my eyes glued to my iPhone. SOHO is great for shopping, places like DASH (it’s a five second must see if you’re a die hard Kardashian fan…which unfortunately I’m guilty of..but it’s not the best shopping), the FRYE (beautiful leather goods for days), Artizia (pretty basics like ZARA or H&M at a really good price point) and lets not forget Georgetown Cupcakes (the best afternoon snack in all the land). Also, the NOMO SOHO is a fabulous hotel (I haven’t stayed there yet but its definitely on my list!) with a great location to the incredible shopping and they house a beautiful restaurant that you MUST make time to have brunch at. Isola Trattoria & Crudo Bar is just as beautiful as it is delicious, you won’t regret it.
  4. Upper East Side: somehow, through a serendipitous happening on HomeAway (the vacation home rental website) the Sunkissed girls and I found ourselves in the most charming Upper East Side townhouse. We’d like to say that our sweet abode (which so happens to be directly next door to THE Kelly Ripa) was more than ours for five days but having the opportunity to stay there for that long was MIND. BOGGLING. In another life, I’m basically a mid to late 40s cute mom who jogs in the morning and does lunch with the ladies right before picking up the dog from the groomers and sipping cocktails by five o clock kind of person. One can dream, right? Well, I did.  And I think its probably now tainted every time that I return to my beloved New York because I’m not quite sure I’ll ever be able to live like that again. Moral of the story: check apartments and homes to rent for your stay and you might just have the most magical experience.
  5. Central Park: although the weather didn’t scream spring time, the flowers around the city absolutely did! There were the most incredible tulips dusted all around the city and I couldn’t help but be stopped in my tracks every time I saw beautiful row of buildings lined with colorful tulips, it just couldn’t get any more charming! Of all of the views though, Central Park had to be the best. There were trees, bushes, and flower beds bursting with new life and I even snuck away the very last morning for a little walk just by myself so I could literally stop and smell the roses.
  6. The Polo Bar: If you haven’t heard of it, this restaurant will provide one of the most unexpected experiences you can find in the city. It’s located beneath the flagship Ralph Lauren store on Fifth Avenue and one minute you’re in the middle of traffic on the bustling street and the next minute, you’re whisked away by some Ralph Lauren model of a fellow who radios in to the next clone of himself that you have arrived and are ready to be seated. Lined on the walls around you is the most beautiful collection of polo gear, beautiful leather seats, and dimmed lighting that makes the atmosphere reminiscent of an old, but established country club of times past. The food, the drinks, the DESSERT…were decadent and the experience, unforgettable. You should go, if my rambling on hasn’t already convinced you of my feelings on this place.

Hope this piques your interest or helps you if you already have a trip in mind to the beautiful New York City. It’s truly the city that dreams are made of.


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