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Truly ever since I can remember, New York City and Paris have been two of my top cities to not only visit so they can get a check on the bucket list, but to explore and fall in love with. Maybe its because I’ve seen {and believed} far too many chick flicks or maybe its because I am a city girl at heart. I’ve just always wanted to walk the bustling streets with my love in hand. Since college, I’ve become quite the frequenter of the big apple so just two weeks ago, I boarded a plane to inhabit the beautiful Paris for a few days. Like I said in the previous post, we took a train from London to Paris and I have to say…from the moment you exit the train doors, you are immediately catapulted into a new culture and language. My husband was new to traveling internationally and it was definitely an adjustment for him. I revel in the unknown of a new city with its own nuances and smells. He, on the other hand, finds joy in the familiar and the comfort so I definitely stretched him a bit BUT the pay off was well worth it as he described the vacation as “our best trip ever” to a friend as soon as we got back in the states.

Because I could ramble for days about this stunningly beautiful city, I thought I would shorten it to my top 5 moments of the trip. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Fat Tire Bike Tours: this is a MUST. I mean, this was recommended to me by many people but I don’t even think they came close to doing it justice. Riding through the streets of Paris by bike (with charming fresh flowers in tow) might make one of my top memories of life. Sunny and 65 degrees, we couldn’t ask for a better day. The bike ride is the perfect mix of relaxing and active and the guide gives you the best facts about the city. They are sure to avoid any “In 1772, Napolean so and so” nonsense and skip to telling you the interesting and juicy details.
  2. Taking photos with Lamour de Paris: my hubby and I woke up super early on our first morning in Paris to get photos taken in front of the Eiffel Tower and it was magical. More to come on this experience.
  3. Seeing the Eiffel Tower sparkle from the top deck of the Montparnesse building. Our Fat Tire guide told us this was a must since we were staying close by and the view was indescribable.
  4. River Cruise on the Seine: go at night, listen to the Parisian accented tour guide softly guide you through the sights and sounds of the iconic landmarks along the river.
  5. Stumbling upon a charming Italian restaurant, sitting with my family drinking wine and eating yummy food while people strolled in the middle of the cobblestoned street. We watched, but also became an active participant of the beautiful scenery and I think its in that moment that you embody what it is to be a traveler.


“Cheers” and “mind the gap” are two phrases that I could adopt to my vocabulary after my recent trip to the charming London. My husband, parents and I took the trip to visit my brother, who is currently stationed there while serving in the United States Air Force. It was SO awesome to see him and feel like old times for an entire week. We spent our first few days in London before taking the train to Paris. We lucked out with some absolutely beautiful weather and set sail to see the sights. Highlights of the trip were endlessly laughing the ironic placement of our stay at an Air B and B, having some interesting encounters with what we thought would be “safe” food choices that turned out to be less than desirable, and spending our first full day in London at the Hillsong church, an experience I’ll truly never forget. I could do a more in depth travel post about what to see and do in London if you’re interested? Let me know in the comments below! Either way, keep scrolling for some serious London eye candy. Cheers!2015-11-16_00132015-11-16_00012015-11-16_00092015-11-16_00022015-11-16_00142015-11-16_00112015-11-16_00032015-11-16_00152015-11-16_00042015-11-16_00222015-11-16_00122015-11-16_00212015-11-16_00052015-11-16_00172015-11-16_00062015-11-16_00072015-11-16_00202015-11-16_00082015-11-16_00102015-11-16_00162015-11-16_00182015-11-16_0019


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Happy Monday, y’all! I’m fresh back in the states and it feels so good to be home. I’m working on doing a London post and a Paris post for those of you who are interested in seeing and hearing more about my recent trip so be on the lookout for that in the next few days. BUT I had to detour from my vacation mode to show you this fabulous collaboration I have the privilege of doing with the fabulous So Vintage Chic. I came home to a beautiful package in the mail of this charming “COZY” pillow case and I almost immediately sat out to make it a temporary home in our house. I haven’t tackled any Christmas décor yet {although so many of my instafriends are well underway!} but I am SURE this little find will be nestled up against a Christmas tree before too long. I’m excited to announce that Kendra has graciously allows my followers a discount code for her products so be sure to type in LOTSOFLOVELY if you want to make any purchases from this charming Etsy shop. Hope you enjoy my styling of this cute pillow for now!

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