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Hi all! I absolutely have ants in my pants as I type this quick blog post up! In a little over 24 hours I will be headed across the pond to visit my brother, who currently serves in the USAF, in London and then take a train ride over to Paris, where we will spend the remainder of our trip. My hubby and my parents will be joining me on this adventure and to say I am excited is an UNDERstatement. I’m itching in my boots!! I’ve spent the better part of today packing and getting ready for our trip and had to share some traveling essentials with you. I haven’t done one of these posts in awhile and thought it was about time. Enjoy and stay tuned for more from this fabulous vacation!

  1. Travel hat: I don’t know about you but there is something about a cute hat that just makes you feel like you’re going places so what better time to pack along a hat than for an awesome trip!
  2. Headphones/iPhone: 10 hour flight = music + endless distractions courtesy of modern day technology and something we like to call WIFI
  3. Scarf: Because its always cold on a flight and this one unravels to the size of a blanket!
  4. Passport/Kate Spade cover: Because you have to and why not wrap it in something unnecessarily adorable?
  5. Carry on bag: I found this at Kitson in LA and it has never failed me…love the size and the fringe.
  6. Small burgundy wristlet: To keep all of the tiny essentials in one place.
  7. Magazine: What other time do we actually sit down and flip through the pages of something?
  8. “Tourist” tee: I mean why not? Had to bring this for a quintessential picture by the Eiffel Tower


Short and sweet post today: I don’t know why wrapping presents brings me so much joy but it does. Here’s a pretty little wrapped gift that I threw together today… hope you enjoy!

{wrapping paper, card: Rifle Paper Co; flat paper ribbon: Urbanic (California); black and white ribbon: Altitude (Wyoming)}

Lovely Wrapping Lovely Gift Giving

Hello lovelies! Ever since we have moved into our home, I have STRUGGLED with decorating our mantle, I mean like #thestruggleisreal kind of struggling. We have our TV on above the mantle and we hung it high enough so that I could decorate the in between space but I have never quite got it right. I’ve recently seen a few pictures of simple, symmetrical mantle décor and thought that is absolutely the route I should go. Of course I went into Target for one item: dog food, and came out with the perfect touches for our mantle. Hope you enjoy!