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What you’ll need:


chalkboard marker

straight edge


1. Pick out a phrase, a quote, or a few words that you want to write and use a straight edge and a pencil to draw lines to be your guide.


2. Mark off spacers according to the number and size of letters you will write.


3. Use pencil to outline your words (the eraser will become your friend!).


4. Use chalkboard marker to go over pencil outline (this washes off with water in case of any woopsie daisies).


5. Go over the lines to achieve your desired thickness.



6. Use a picture as your guide to decorate the border. If you click on the Pinterest logo on the lefthand side of this screen, that will take you to my Pinterest board in which I pinned several chalkboard art inspirations onto my “Crafty Things” board. It helps me sooo much to look at pictures! For this one, I started with a the line around the border (I used the straight edge as my guide) and I connected the lines at each corner in a curved line.


7. Next,  I added three oval shapes in the outer corner of the curved line.


8. I then outlined the border in a thinner line.


9. And I added a few dots to each corner.


10. I used one of my Pinterest pins that showed different flourishes to add in between lines to add to the bottom of my words an wa-la! It was done!



*I did this particular piece for the company I work for. You can make chalkboard art seasonal, inspirational, or comical. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

(chalkboard: Kirkland’s (on sale now!); chalkboard pen: Sur La Table; vase: Marshall’s; flowers: Hobby Lobby)

xoxo Candice



My mother in law’s garage is basically an antique shopper’s dream closet. She picks up little knick knacks (anywhere from five panel doors to coffee tables to shutters) along the way and is an absolute professional when it comes to getting something for a deal. She picked up these nesting tables some time ago and let me spruce them up and use them for our new home. I used the Lowe’s DIY chalk tutorial to paint them white and then added some of my favorite finds…mixing a little new with a little old. Enjoy!










*This is where the nesting tables really go, I just couldn’t get enough natural light for the pictures so I rearranged for my nesting table photoshoot.

(tables: antique, tutorial HERE on how to chalk paint; H cup: Anthropologie; MTWTF match box: Urbanic; old book: garage sale; lamp, picture frame: HomeGoods)

xoxo Candice


I had a fantastic weekend with my handsome husband as we set out on a little road trip for some R&R. We were near the San Marcos outlets and of course, had to make a stop. I picked up a few items for my mantle that I’ve been working on and some other random pieces that just grabbed my attention. As I was shopping, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the habits I’ve developed over the years to make the process as painless as possible…so here are some tips to make the most out of your shopping trips. Enjoy!

1. Money Talk: don’t shop if you don’t have the budget for it. When it comes to the home, things can add up quickly. Take one step at a time and work on parts of a room individually. For example, if you want to make over your living room, save up and start with the mantle or one lonely wall. This helps you focus better and ensures you don’t spend money that you don’t have.

2. Pinspiration: only shop when you feel inspired. When you see something on Pinterest or Instagram that just speaks to you, that’s when you make the time to shop. I have had several HomeGoods shopping trips when I’m either in a rush, tired and or just not feelin’ it and I either walk away with nothing or with items I don’t really need. Advice: save yourself the hassle and just don’t go when you feel like this.

3. Patience is Key : shop sales and clearance racks. Thanks to my sweet momma who is one heck of a bargain hunter, I’ve shopped sales my whole life. It’s a challenge to me to dig through antique shops or 75% off clearance racks and find that one item that is just perfect for a fraction of its original cost. Case in point: I bought the clock below for $6 in the clearance section of Cracker Barrel, and I felt so much happiness walking away with it.

4. Your style is always in style: if you see an item you love, and its in the price range you are willing to spend, get it. You don’t have to know exactly where it will go, if you love it, you will make it work. I tend to shop in theme, as you can see below. I found the clock first, loved it, and kind of centered the rest of my purchases that day around it. I didn’t necessarily know where it all would go, but I was inspired by the look of everything together.











(clock, succulent candles: Cracker Barrel, star serving tray, mercury glass vases, candles, hydrangeas: Pottery Barn Outlet)

xoxo Candice