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A few months ago, a rep from Milton and King Wallpapers reached out to me about sending some of their product my way to try out. I had just been telling my husband about all of the updates that I wanted to do to our master bathroom and saw this faux brick wallpaper that I thought would be PERFECT for a little nook in our bathroom. I love our house, it has great space and an excellent floor plan but the one thing it lacks is character, so little by little, that is just what I’ve done: added character here and there to make our house feel like a home.

In my dreams, we’d be able to rip out the standard, builder’s grade tub and add a claw foot tub with a little chandelier over it but my husband says that is for another time, and another house. We’ve done some sprucing to the room (added new floors…still would love to paint, change out our countertop, and put two mirrors up instead of the standard one) but because I have to live with the footprints of the bathroom as it is, I wanted to add something to this wall above our tub (and behind our shower) that would’ve otherwise been left untouched. This wallpaper was the perfect touch to make the space more unique and I am truly in shock of how it easy it was to apply. SO easy, in fact, that I sort of/kind of/absolutely did it twice because I didn’t match up the seams correctly the first time so although it looked great, there was a seam going up the center of the space so I enlisted my handy man and we tackled taking it down, and then reapplying it. Y’all, I am telling you it is so easy. I’ve had quite a few of you who follow me on IG reach out to me and ask more specific questions so I thought I’d give a little breakdown on how to do this yourself. I will say both my husband and I have experience with other brands of wallpaper and I think the thickness and quality of this product (check out @mkwallpapers on Instagram, you won’t be disappointed!) makes it so feasible to apply.

Step 1: Clean your surface, fill in any holes and make sure it is smooth and even.

Step 2: Using a wallpaper adhesive (found at Home Depot or Lowe’s) and a roller sponge, roll the adhesive onto the wall where your first panel will go.

Step 3: Take the top of the wallpaper and apply directly to the wall, smoothing out the edges (I used a smooth edge that I found in the paint section at Home Depot) and making sure that you are lined up evenly with the edge of the wall.

Step 4: Once you’ve gotten to the very bottom and your paper is smooth on the wall, use a box cutter and a straight edge to cut a straight line.

Step  5: Repeat process until you run out of wall, ENSURING that your pattern is repeating perfectly so there are no seams.

….and WALA! Let it dry for a few hours and then hang shelves (like I did) or some simple wall art. I love the idea of having the wallpaper as a backdrop and then doing something like four, white matted frames with simple prints framed inside….I can just picture it now! Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, let me know if you have any questions at all!



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Waco, TX

Recently I took a trip to the motherland, otherwise known as Magnolia Market at The Silos. Last year, two of my girlfriends and I made our way to Waco to visit the old location and had the best day. When I look back on last summer, that day was one of my favorite memories. Cut off shorts, country music blaring, maybe a Route 44 Sonic drink to go…you know, the essentials. We determined quickly thereafter this would be an annual event for us and so a few weeks ago, we set out to conquer it once again. Except for the fact that this time the store had now moved locations, and quadrupled in size. It was no longer a cute little stop along the road, it was a destination. A few people have asked me for my take on it and advice on when to go, what to be prepared for and all of that so here you go. My take on the perfect day visiting Waco, TX as a tourist:

  1. Go early. And go during a week day, if you can. The girls working the check out counter in the store said Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to go and that the earlier you go, the better. Partly because of crowds and partly because Texas is hotter than hades so the morning helps with the sweltering heat.
  2. Park across the street at the church and make sure you bring cash. I believe $10 is what we paid.
  3. If you’re going in the hot months, bring a cooler with water bottles, or be prepared to pay for some once you get into the Silos.
  4. Shop, be patient, and shop some more. There are two sections of the main building in the Magnolia Market store and one part is all of the newer, beautifully displayed items (I mean, the oh so talented Joanna Gaines looks like she hand picked every ounce of the storeroom floor) and the other part is in the back, down some stairs and its gorgeously unfinished with exposed beams and more of a warehouse feeling that houses additional goods and products. It is crowded. No untruths about that, but I felt once we started making our way around the store, everyone finds their place and it all evens out. I went on a Friday in the middle of summer and there was no line, no smashed shoulders, no claustrophobia, just crowded because hey, its beautiful and everyone wants a little piece of the action.
  5. Make your way around the beautiful grounds to check out the food trucks, beautiful lawn, scattered tables and chairs and wooden swinging benches that I haven’t stopped dreaming about. There are restrooms outside (subway tile, black trim, gold accents…exactly how you would picture them to be) and a great area for kids to play outside in the cooler months of the year. I’ve heard the foodtrucks are great but because of that big ol’ Texas sky that had not a cloud in sight that day, we opted out of lunch in the great outdoors and opted in for margaritas and fajitas at Ninfa’s {more on that later}.
  6. Visit the newly finished garden store and check out the most precious fairy gardens you ever did see.
  7. Last but CERTAINLY not least, visit the bakery. Flour is the name of it and pure yumminess is the taste of it. Cheddar bacon something biscuit and a strawberry cupcake need to be included in your order. Don’t ask questions, you’ll thank me for it later.
  8. Gather up the troops and head over to Ninfa’s for lunch (originated in Houston so I’m partial) and have some of the best Mexican food inside the beauty that is air conditioning. Sip on a margarita (or two. Reward for your hard work).
  9. Walk on over to Roots, a super cute boutique in the same row of stores, and if you’re serious about your shopping, walk on upstairs to Spice Village. If you’re a real out of towner and are able to come for a couple days, I would even recommend going to Spice Village on the first day that you are in town because it’s such a neat collection of individually owned businesses and you could spend a solid couple of hours in there if you had them.
  10. Munch on that leftover strawberry cupcake on your drive back to wherever you came from and there you have it, one heck of a good day.

P.S. No, I didn’t get to meet Joanna or hear any of Chip’s corny jokes. Jo’s mom was in the store and I hear she is there often!

  • Granny - I am planning a trip in (hopefully) late October with Grandma Cheryl. It is on my bucket list! Sounds even better than last year….will need directions. Look forward to seeing your stash from the shopping trip.ReplyCancel

The sweetest lady Cara, owner at Willow and Isolde, contacted me about a little collaboration with her boutique and I was happy to jump on board. The moment I saw this fun maxi dress I knew I had to have it! It’s so easy, just throw it on with a bright pink lip and a top knot and you are good to go. Perfect for those summertime dinner dates or even a fiesta themed party! Love the little bright colored tassels, they add just the right amount of pizzazz to this little number. Cara was so sweet to extend a discount of 15% off to my followers when you use the code LOTSOFLOVELY. Happy shopping, friends!

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