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Sugar and Cloth Color Wall

Can I just be raw for a moment? Sometimes I get a little stuck creatively. There’s days and weeks where my mind is just busting (not sure how proper that term is, but you get what I mean) with ideas and then there’s days…weeks…maybe even a month where I just don’t feel inspired or motivated to come up with something new around here. BUT last night, I went to the grand opening of the #sugarandclothcolorwall, met some new bloggers in the Houston area, took pictures in front of the cutest. wall. ever. and now I feel so ready to just start moving and get going? Has that ever happened to you? We’ll just chalk it up to an “artist’s block” and say that I’m thankful that each new day brings new promise and new opportunities. Cheers, and be kind everyone.

Oh, and if you’re a Houston local or your making a visit in the near future, go check out this Sugar and Cloth wall. Its a photo op MUST.

{top: Banana Republic; jeans: Adelaides; shoes: Anjouils; purse: Tory Burch; sunglasses: Ray Ban; flowers: HEB}


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