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Sunkissed Life

If you’ve followed me on Instagram, Pinterest, or just here at the blog, you’ve probably wondered something along the lines of “what does this girl do for a living?”…She posts pictures of hair stuff and then house stuff and then more hair stuff. And don’t worry, it’s a question I get asked often especially considering the amount of weekly HomeGoods runs I’m able to make.

I am a specialty hairstylist (meaning I don’t work in a salon doing cuts and color) for a company called Sunkissed and Made Up. We do airbrush makeup and hair (that’s my part!) for weddings/special events/portrait sessions/proms/etc…all of which primarily fall on the weekends, hence the home decorating weekly hobby. If you need to get all dolled up, we’re your team (shameless plug). It’s truly the absolute dream job and I feel blessed beyond measure to be able to do what I love. We recently worked with the fabulous Katie Lamb on a promo video for the company and she could not have captured the spirit and heart of our company any better. (Shameless plug #2: if you have a blog, an etsy shop, or a small company that could benefit from a short promo video, Katie’s the only choice. She’s truly FANTASTIC). So, here is a peek into a day in my life doing what I am so passionate about. Enjoy!

P.S. Make sure to turn the volume up on this one, the song is way cute!

xoxo Candice

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